We have a brand new game for y’all to play this weekend featured in the screenings of The BFGThe Secret Life of Pets, and Finding Dory! Get pumped!

YoYo’s Hopper allows you to play as a cute little bunny rabbit hopping through our YoYo’s inspired CandyLand, collecting delicious frozen yogurt. Try and catch the most Yo Bowls, out-hopping your friends, family, and if you’re a champion, the whole theatre! Also, who doesn’t love frozen yogurt?

The game is fun and easy to play. Look at your phone to see your bunny’s colour on the screen and corresponding row you’ll start hopping on. When the game starts, press the Hop button on your phone to jump and collect the Yo Bowls.

We have some insider tips for all the aspiring Top Hoppers out there:

  • Once you are in the air, tap Hop again for a double jump to reach the extra high bowls
  • Don’t worry about missing bowls, you’ll get to hop through the land several times
  • If you fall off the cliff into the abyss, you’ll lose all of your points, so be careful

The Top Hopper wins a Buy One Get One Free offer on a Yo Bowl or Yo Blend! Everyone else in the theatre will earn an additional 50 SCENE points with the purchase of a Yo Bowl or Yo Blend.

Good luck everyone and Happy Hopping!