With televisions getting larger and better quality, the reasons to go out to the local movie theatre are diminishing. And with reserved seating available in many cinemas, too, the reasons to show up early are even fewer.

However showing up late to a movie in Canada means you miss out on competing with other movie buffs in games of trivia and giving up the opportunity to win prizes. Soon, that will be true in the U.S. as well.

TimePlay, an interactive theatre experience available at Cineplex theatres across Canada, will soon be expanding to the U.S., with plans to be in more than 1,000 cinemas across the country by early 2018.

“Audiences love TimePlay’s interactive content because it’s fun and they view it as entertainment rather than advertising,” says TimePlay President and CEO Jon Hussman.

It’s big news for major brands, too, as  TimePlay works with brands like McDonald’s and Chevrolet to create “interactive advertising,” generally in the form of sponsored questions in the trivia game or prizes for the winners that relate to the brand. Most Canadian TimePlay winners walk away with SCENE points, the currency for the loyalty program run by Cineplex and Scotiabank.

Also in the works are more interactive trailers, developed in conjunction with major movie studios. Recently, TimePlay turned audience member phones into “fright metres” as part of the promotion for the movie RINGS, which let them rate the most frightening scenes in the trailer. At the end of the sequence, players received a mysterious phone call.

According to a survey conducted by TimePlay Inc., 86 per cent of TimePlay app users would come early to a theatre to play the trivia game before a movie.