The Telus Emoji Challenge, sponsored by Telus, tests your ability to use emojis in everyday conversation, competing against other players in the audience. There are three different types of questions and the goal of each game is to match the phrase with the correct emoji or vice versa.

Here’s how you play:

The Emoji Challenge is exciting and simple to play. For the first question type, use your phone to select the correct phrase corresponding to the emoji on the big screen. Make sure to read every option before you make your choice! For the next question, you will see a text phrase on the big screen. Now the real fun starts as you get to use your phone to select the emojis that best describe the text phrase! For the final question (my favourite one!) you will see multiple emojis on the big screen that are ordered to describe a well-known movie title. On your phone, you select the words to form the movie title.

On top of all the fun, we have some amazing prizes! The Emoji Champ wins 50 SCENE points! Everyone in the theatre who participates (including The Emoji Champ) and is a Telus subscriber can win 5000 SCENE points once they renew a smartphone! If you aren’t a Telus subscriber, you get 5000 SCENE  points if you activate a smartphone. Additionally, every participant is entered in a contest with a chance to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7!