Chevy Finger Race, sponsored by Chevrolet, allows you to race your very own car on the big screen, competing against other players in the audience. The goal of the game is to trace the track on your screen, out-racing your friends, family, and if you’re a champion, the whole theatre!

We have some insider tips for all the aspiring Finger Racing Champs out there:

  • Trace the track as accurately as you can, diverting from the track will slow you down
  • The faster your finger, the faster your car will go in the race

The top 10 Finger Racing Champs win 25 SCENE points, while the top 5 Champs win an additional 25 SCENE points, a whopping 50 SCENE points! Best of luck to all!

Do you have what it takes to be a Finger Racing Champion? Check out our TP Hack video for more information: