Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I register?
    • Registering a TimePlay account provides several benefits including access to your own big screen avatar, tracking your performance on in-app leaderboards by location and over time for bigger prizes as well as easier redemption. Some prizes require that you be registered in order to redeem them. Registering is simple; you only need to enter your name and password.
  • I'm having trouble verifying my email, how can I get verified?
    • After you register to join TimePlay, we will send you an email to confirm your email address. It is possible that you previously verified your email or the verification email expired. Try to sign in again, if you cannot enter your account you will receive a new verification email.
  • I changed my password and when I try to log into TimePlay with my new password, I recieve this message: "invalid confirmation token provided." What does this mean?
    • If you change your password, we will send you an email to confirm your new password. The “Invalid confirmation token” message appears if you click on that confirmation email about 2 weeks after we sent it (that is, you take around 2 weeks or more to confirm your new password). If this is the case, simply change your password once again, click on the new password confirmation email you receive and you should now be able to access your account.
  • What notifications does TimePlay send?
    • If TimePlay is not open on your device, you will receive a notification each time you receive something new in your MyStuff folder. You will also be notified 24 hours before a MyStuff prize is set to expire. In select theatres, you will receive a notification that TimePlay is set to begin in one minute.
  • How do I play?
    • You need to be in a TimePlay location. You can see where you can play TimePlay by clicking on the menu button in the app at the upper right, and then on Locations. Once in a venue, join the TimePlay Wi-Fi network, open the app and you’re ready to go.
  • How do I choose an avatar?
    • Once you create an account, on your profile page click on the default silhouette and a screen will pop up with avatar options by people, sports and animals. Click on your choice and it will be associated with your account.
  • How do I change my name?
    • Click on the menu button at the upper right and then on Change TimePlay name. Type in your name and choose it once it appears on the list. If your name is not in the app, you can request it by following the steps immediately below.
  • My name is not in the app, can I add it?
    • Yes, you can. New names are added to the app regularly. From the home page, click on the settings button at the upper right at the top. Click on “Suggest a name” and enter it in the field provided. Names go through a review process so they will not appear immediately in the app. In the meantime, please select an alternative name from the app for your screen name.
  • What are TimePlay experience points?
    • TimePlay experience points come from your score in TimePlay games and are for purposes of your ranking on leaderboards. They are not equivalent to loyalty points (such as SCENE points).
  • How do the leaderboards work?
    • "You need to have an account in order to participate in the leaderboards. To view the leaderboards, click on the menu button at the upper right and then on leaderboards. You can also view your specific ranking by clicking on the star icon at the top menu. If you are not on the leaderboard press the ‘Show More’ button, scroll down and your rank and score will appear at the bottom. Please note that it takes some time for data to propagate right after you play so your scores will not refresh immediately."
  • I'm having trouble connecting. How can I connect to TimePlay?
    • Try refreshing your connection to TimePlay: 1. Go to your Wi-Fi settings and select the TimePlay Network 2. Delete or Forget the network 3. Re-select it and wait for it to connect
  • I can't access the menu pages?
    • Sometimes due to higher volumes, it can take longer to access your profile, MyStuff and the leaderboard pages. If you are having problems accessing these pages while in a location, try again later or switch your network to 3G or 4G.
  • Why do I need to register to redeem a prize?
    • By associating prizes with your account, it allows you to access them from any device and also makes for simpler 1 button redemption within the app. Registering is simple; you only need to enter your name and password once.
  • Where do I find my prize?
    • When you win a TimePlay prize, it automatically gets deposited into your mystuff folder. To access your prize, click on the mystuff button (gift bag icon). You will see your prize listed. Prizes in mystuff need to be activated by clicking on them and following the steps to redeem. If your prizes are missing, log in to your account.
  • I won a prize but when I go to MyStuff it is not there?
    • Sometimes it can take up to 48 hours for prizes to be credited to your account. Also, make sure you are logged into your account to see all your prizes. Note that prizes have expiry dates; if you do not redeem before this date the reward will be deleted from your device.
  • I played TimePlay twice today but only got prizes and score once?
    • Prizes and scores are only awarded one time (the first time) you play TimePlay in a day.
  • How do I redeem my prize?
    • In your MyStuff, follow the instructions on the coupon to redeem the reward. This may require showing the retailer the barcode on the reward, giving the retailer the coupon code on the reward, etc.
  • I just won points on my loyalty card in TimePlay. How come my points have not shown up in my account?
    • First, you need to connect your loyalty card number (for example, SCENE) to TimePlay. For example with SCENE, you can do this simply by entering into your profile in TimePlay and clicking on “Loyalty Programs.” Then click on “Cineplex SCENE” and enter in your SCENE Card number and SCENE Card name. Once you redeem your SCENE prize, it can then take up to 48 hours for your points to be credited to your loyalty points card.
  • I am trying to redeem my SCENE points prize and am getting a redemption error. How can I get my points?
    • The reason you are getting this error is that your SCENE information is either incorrect or not in the app. To enter your SCENE information, click on the player button at the top menu and then on Loyalty Programs. Click on the SCENE button and enter the information exactly the way it is displayed on your card. TimePlay is connected to SCENE so if you are still getting an error it means there is an issue with either the name or number you entered. For help with your SCENE information, contact help@scene.ca.
  • How do I redeem coupon at a retailer?
    • Present your device with the bar code displayed. The code will be scanned / entered right from your device. After you use the coupon, press delete by clicking on the trash can icon.
  • How do I delete prizes from my MyStuff?
    • All prizes have an expiry date at which time they will automatically be deleted from your device. To manually remove a prize, after you have viewed it, click on the trash can icon.

I still have questions!

If your question hasn’t been answered here, please send an email to support@timeplay.com and include which theatre you were at, the type of device and OS version you are using and any error messages you’ve received.

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