Cineplex and TimePlay are celebrating the beginning of spring with the launch of a brand new game called Hopper.  The game gives each player their own bunny character, who hops around the forest trying to capture as many gold coins as possible. So if you’re off to the movies to see Insurgent or Will Ferrell’s Get Hard, you may get a special treat in the Cineplex Pre-Show.

We’re pretty excited about it, because this is a new kind of game for us. Hopper is a one-to-one game, which means each player gets their own character on the screen.  Each coin they collect contributes to their score. The catch is the coins are constantly growing and shrinking: the bigger they are, the more valuable they become. But be sure not to fall off the cliff!

For the next two weeks, until April 2, movie goers in select cinemas will get a special Hopper sneak peak, a chance to play the game and win additional SCENE points by collecting more coins . We also want your help to make Hopper even more fun.  At the end of TimePlay you will have the chance to tell us what you did and didn’t like about the game. Look for the survey in your My Stuff  folder.

And if that’s not enough springtime fun for you, the Cineplex Family Favourites series will feature the animated classic Hop at the beginning of April.  So play Hopper and then watch Hop, two great ways to have a good time at the movies this spring.